Ironman Icecube Fridge/Freezer 30L

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The Ironman 4x4 range of fridges, keeps your food fresh and your drinks ice-cold. Available in 30L, 40L or 50L the Ice Cube Fridge/Freezer uses the latest Secop (formerly Danfoss) BD-35F Compressor. Made with high quality CFC-free Polyurethane Foam Insulation, it is durable enough to endure the harshest of conditions and temperatures whilst staying cool. The fridge is robust in construction and designed to offer maximum capacity for its size. This 30 litre model will hold 42, 375ml cans.

- Can Capacity: 42
- Height: 38mm
- Width: 35mm
- Length: 585mm
- Weight: 16kg
- Temperature Range: +1 to -18C
- Voltage Supply: 12/ 24 // 1-24V
- Volume: 3L