About Us

Welcome to 4×4 Extras, home of Ironman 4×4 products in the Northern Regional Suburbs of Victoria.

What We Do:

Here at 4×4 Extras Online we offer a vast array of 4×4 suspension, accessories, camping equipment, dual battery kits, snorkels, spotlights, recovery gear, winches, UHF/CB radios, side steps and scrub bars, 12v wiring solutions such as Anderson plugs and battery isolator lock out kits, tow bars, roof rack solutions, storage solutions, canopies, electric roller shutters, soft tonneau covers, hard lids, mining and fleet solutions such as mine bars and beacons, reverse buzzers and beepers, safety flags, safety triangles, wheel chocks, wheel nut indicator tags, and everything else you may need for to get your 4×4 set up exactly the right way for your needs.

We have in house fitting, with our 3 highly experienced technicians being able to get the job done right, exactly as you want.

We can also accommodate certain types of custom work, installing a product in specific locations, we can take care of it all in a professional and time efficient way, giving you more time to get back out there!


Being an Ironman Platinum Dealer, we only want the best for your 4×4, that’s why we supply and install the Ironman 4×4 range of suspension. We are a licenced second stage manufacturer for the purpose of installing Ironman 4×4 GVM upgrades, pre and post rego.

Available for most makes and models, these usually come in 3 different levels of shocks/struts: Nitro Gas, Foam Cell, and Foam Cell Pro.

We then can make sure we select the correctly weighted Ironman springs for your set up and desire, and make sure you get the best suspension upgrade for your vehicle, for the type of use it will be getting.

We also use Ironman Pro Forged upper control arms and other componentry when and where needed, to make sure your vehicle has the clearance it needs, and the ride quality you would expect.

We have a spring compressor on site, to make sure the job is done safely and correctly, and all vehicles that we do suspension upgrades on, then get wheel aligned to make sure it drives straight and true, to minimise potential tyre wear or premature componentry failure.

Bullbars, side steps, scrub bars, rear protection bars, and tow bars:

We supply and install the full range of Ironman bullbars, side steps, scrub bars, and rear protection bars to suit most makes and models.

Whether your 4×4 is a weekend warrior, a daily driver, a long trip hauler, or a fleet or mining vehicle, every 4×4 deserves the fitment of an ADR compliant bullbar, to protect it from any potential collision damage.

All Ironman bullbars come as standard with LED parker/indicators, LED fog lights (on Commercial Deluxe model), are winch compatible, have mounting points for a UHF antenna, have front underplates for a bit of protection, have provisions for parking sensors and tech packs/radars (for applicable models), and are fully ADR approved and airbag compatible.

We offer Ironman steel side steps as a good-looking and practical upgrade from your vehicles most-likely plastic factory steps. And we also offer scrub bars to suit, adding that extra bit of front-side protection.

Full replacement rear protection bars with integrated tow hitches are also available for most makes and models, giving that much needed rear-end protection, while adding the benefit of a 50mm tow hitch, rear recovery hooks, and high lift jacking points.

We also offer a vast range of tow bar options, for those not wanting a full replacement rear bar. We use Ironman, Hayman Reese, and Tag towbars, meaning we can source many different options to suit your vehicle.

Snorkels, UHF/CB Radios, Spotlights, Winches:

We supply and install 2 brands of snorkels here at 4×4 Extras, Ironman snorkels, and Safari snorkels. Between the 2 brands of snorkels, we can usually source one to fit most makes and models, and keep your vehicles engine safe should you be doing water crossings, or driving in areas where the chance of water entering your engine low down may occur.

We mainly choose to supply and fit the Oricom brand of UHF equipment, however we can tailor to your needs, and make sure we fit the best UHF radio to suit your needs.

We have a range of different Ironman spotlights and LED light bars available, as well as being able to supply and fit other brands such as Narva, Fyrlyt, Great Whites. If there is another brand you choose to use, please contact us as we try to accommodate and fit other brands as needed when we can.

We mainly use our Ironman 4×4 winches, of which we have 4 different options. We have a 9500lb (4310kg) steel cable option, a 12000lb (5445kg) option, a 9500lb (4310kg) synthetic rope option, and a 12000lb (5445kg) option, to suit your needs and requirements. Our winches come with a wireless remote controller, and a winch damper blanket for safe pulling. We can also source and fit Runva if requested.

Accessories, camping equipment, storage solutions:

We have a multitude of 4×4 and camping accessories and equipment, from LED lanterns and head torches to swags and stretchers, camping chairs and tables, fridges, and freezers, to roof top tents, awnings, recovery kits and equipment, recovery tracks and fittings, brackets, and storage solutions such as cargo barrier organisers, rooftop soft storage bags, hard plastic storage boxes, and water tanks in different shapes and sizes.

Chances are, whatever your accessory, camping, or storage solution needs, we will have something to suit all!

Feel free to enquire about specific requirements, and we will do our best to tailor a solution for you!

Dual battery set ups and 12v wiring solutions:

Whether you’re planning a quick overnight getaway, a week-long trip, a round-Australia journey, or simply want the added security of having extra battery power in your vehicle for work or other purposes, 4×4 Extras have the product, the knowledge, and the capability to sort your vehicle out and keep you powered.

We offer both a traditional style installs, with an AGM battery under the bonnet, or a modernised semi-permanent lithium in-cab/in-tray install, to suit your requirements. With either install type, we can tailor outputs to suit your needs. From running 12v sockets to specific locations you require, USB outlets, volt gauges, Anderson plugs, or whatever outputs you may need, we are more than capable of getting your power needs sorted and set up.

We can also sort out your caravan and camper trailer needs (car end), for example re-wiring an existing 7-pin trailer plug to a new 12-pin plug, for certain needs.

We also supply and install Redarc Tow Pro brake controller kits, to make sure your vehicle is up to the challenge of towing and doing so safely.

As battery set ups and wiring solutions can be very specific, please feel free to call and we will run through a set up tailored to your needs.

Roof Rack Solutions:

We have access to a variety of different brands of roof rack solutions, helping maximise your vehicles storage or mounting capabilities.

We use our own Ironman brand of roof rack products, as well as Rhino Rack, Yakima, Pro Rack, and Front Runner.

Whether you want a simple set of cross bars, a flat-rack to throw a few things on top of, a full cage style rack, a tradie style rack for ladders and such, or roof rack mounting options for a roof top tent, we will run through our options and try to advise the best possible solution for your needs.

Canopies, electric roller shutters, hard lids, soft tonneau covers:

At 4×4 Extras Online, we have a vast range of products available to supply and fit to your vehicle, to suit whatever set up you may need, and get the best out of your vehicle.

We have our own range of Ironman fibreglass canopies to offer, as well as brands such as EGR, who we also use for Hard Lids.

We also offer aluminium/steel canopies from brands such as Alu Cab, RLD Design, Ute master and SSM Canopies.

We have our own Ironman brand of hard Electric Slide Aways (roller shutter), to keep your load safe and secure, as well as offering the HSP electric roller shutters.

We can also supply, and fit soft tonneau covers for most makes and models.

Fleet and mining vehicle set ups:

We understand the importance of safety in mining, and the importance of consistency between vehicles in fleet, and we are no stranger to doing these types of set ups.

We have experience in both fleet and mining vehicles, getting them set up to your exact specifications and needs.

We offer everything mentioned previously such as suspension, bullbars, UHF radios, snorkels etc, as well as mine bars, rotating beacons, reverse buzzers and beepers, safety flags, safety triangle kits, wheel chock kits, wheel nut indicator tags, cel-fi kits, battery isolator lock outs, shu-roo kits, tyre pressure monitoring kits, blind spot mirrors, first aid kits, fire extinguishers, and auto-headlight-on kits.

Please feel free to call us to discuss a solution for your fleet of vehicles.