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In a unique combination of battery requirements, we have a slimline gel battery, providing great deep cycle performance in a robust, and affordable gel battery format.

Ironman 4×4 has partnered with Club Assist to provide a full range of batteries to suit a wide range of applications, this slimline 100Ah gel battery is well suited to mount in a narrow cavity behind a second row of seats or in your customised rear cargo set-up.

Gel batteries are well renowned for their suitability for off road use thanks to anti-vibration properties and versatility in installation. Gel batteries are well suited to running your 4×4 12v accessories.

This gel battery presents as an affordable slimline option for your 4×4.

Key Features:

  • Slimline, multi-angle design
  • Long cycle life
  • Multi-fit angle, up to 90°
  • Minimised electric resistance for fast charging and discharge
  • Exceptional vibration resistance
  • Maintenance free with a durable fully sealed construction
  • Low self discharge rate

Capacity & Bluetooth

  • Capacity (20HR): 100Ah
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: No


  • Dimensions (mm - L x W x H): SLIM 395 x 110 x 286mm
  • Weight: 32.8kg


  • Assembly: F
  • Type: M8

Charge & Voltage

  • Max. Pulse Discharge Current (5 sec): 800A
  • Charging Voltage: 13.5 - 148V
  • Cycle Life (50% DOD): 400 Cycles
  • Maximum Charging Current: 20A
  • Self Discharge (6 Months): Remaining Capacity 82%