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If you are a bit heavy on the power, or need a battery that can facilitate high power loads and take in big charges to replenish. This is the battery for you.

Perfect for the worksite, hooking up a good campsite stereo or running that 12v oven for a mouth-watering roast.

Ironman 4×4 has partnered with Club Assist to provide a full range of batteries to suit a wide range of applications, this oversized 200ah battery will suit well to a purpose-built canopy or touring set-up.

Weighing just 24.2kg, this battery provides twice the Ah of a comparable traditional deep-cycle battery.

With up to 100Amp recommended charge in capacity, and up to 150Amp this is a fast charging lithium battery that can delivery up to 180Amps of power.

This lithium battery is not designed as a main cranking battery to start your car.

Why Lithium?

  • Up to 10 times more cycle life than lead acid
  • Lasts longer, lower cost over time
  • Superior charge and discharge performance, longer run time
  • Lightweight

Battery Monitoring at your fingertips

  • Sophisticated Battery Monitoring System (BMS) optimises power
  • Protects from over-charge, over-discharge, over-heating and short circuiting
  • Bluetooth battery monitoring system

Capacity & Bluetooth

  • Capacity (20HR): 200Ah
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Yes


  • Dimensions (mm - L x W x H): 483 x 170 x 241mm
  • Weight: 24.2kg


  • Assembly: D
  • Type: M8

Charge & Voltage

  • Max. Charge Voltage: 14.6 ± 0.1V
  • Cut Off Voltage: 10V
  • Max. Discharge Current: 180A
  • Max. Pulse Discharge Current (3 sec): 450A
  • Max. Charge Current: 150A
  • Recommended Current Charge: ≤ 100A
  • Cycle Life (100% DOD): ≥ 2000
  • Operating Temp - Charge: 0-50°C
  • Operating Temp - Discharge: -20 - 55°C
  • Short Circuit Release: Load Release
  • Max. Series / Parallel Configuration: 4P