Gen3 Expedition Tent - Black

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Lightweight aluminium construction. Built-in cargo rails for the fitment of optional load bars. Hard-shell structure that can carry additional gear - solar panels, kayak, mountain bikes or camping table. Streamlined aerodynamic profile. 3-point access with a door / window on each side. Gas-strut assisted pop-up design. Opens and closes in seconds so you can still go on that late-afternoon game drive.

75 mm high-density foam mattress with zip-off cover. Quick release ladder that stows inside your tent when closed. Storage pockets. Internal USB power points. Internal 12V plug point. Internal lighting. Rear door awning to keep the entrance dry. Dual-layer canvas for better insulation and protection. Wind resistant design thanks to single-sided opening. Top and bottom foam insulation for class leading insulation.

When rooftop tents first hit the market they were revolutionary, mostly because your tent and mattress (the two things that take up the most packing space) were now conveniently stored on your roof. Of course, there are many more benefits to owning a rooftop tent, but likewise, there are plenty of cons, too.

Fortunately, most of these drawbacks are associated with soft-shell rooftop tents, as well as heavy canvas units that are difficult to flip open. For these reasons, our Expedition Tent has always followed a hard-shell design. The benefits of this setup include the following: A gas-strut assisted design that takes seconds to open and close. A three-point entry / exit layout so you don?t have to plan your campsite around your tent. A more aerodynamic shape. You can close the tent with your bedding inside, and lastly Our Expedition Tent has always followed a hard-shell design.