Canvas Comfort Seat Cover to suit Toyota Fortuner 2015 (Rear)

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Each Canvas Seat Cover has been specifically designed to suit your specific vehicle type.

These seat covers are made from 12oz canvas, but Ironman 4×4 have also added an extra sandwich layer of foam for your comfort, it also protects your seat and acts as a non-slip base.

With side airbags now being incorporated in most new vehicle seats, Ironman 4×4 seat covers have a special approved and tested seam built into the side of the cover. Each seat is individually bar coded.
These seat covers are resistant to water and mud, fire retardant, have built in rear pocket storage and are extremely comfortable to sit in.

- Custom fit
- Flame Retardant
- Strong Comfort Canvas
- Maximum Vehicle Seat Protection
- Water Resistant
- Long Lasting Quality
- Built-in Map Pockets
- Lumbar Support Access
- Side Airbag compatible

Side Airbag Compatible: Yes
Canvas Weight: 12oz
Material: 1% cotton natural fibre


Suit rear bench seat.
Suits GX, GXL, Crusade