60-80L Tilting Fridge Slide

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There is nothing worse than crawling on your tailgate to see what’s in the fridge, or blindly moving your hand around until you can find what you are looking for. The new Ironman 4×4 60-80L Tilting Fridge Slide takes away the pain, with a simple and durable slide sized to your fridge.

Simple to use, the Tilting Fridge Slide has a single-lever lock-in and out feature keeping your fridge in place whilst in transit. The gas struts assist when lifting the slide tray reducing the load when the fridge is full.

  • Single-lever lock-in & lock out function
  • Assisted gas strut tilting system
  • 2mm powdercoated steel construction
  • Full kit with 4 x fridge tiedown straps and mounting hardware