12L EZY-GO FLushing Toliet

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The new easy to use and self contained flushable toilets from Ironman 4x4 are durable, portable, and are easy to empty. Hygienic and fuss free, these are used in conjunction with flush-aid which is also available from Ironman 4x4, it will assist to keep your toilet fresh, and odour free.

Suitable for both adults and children, having a regular sized comfortable seat, you?ll appreciate this when out in remote areas.

The 12L Ezy go toilet has 12L waste tank and a 12L fresh water storage tank, providing around 50 flushes

Made from high density polyethylene, they are durable and sturdy. Perfect for those trips away where there are no amenities, and you may
miss the creature comforts of home, Ironman 4x4 has you covered.

- Suitable for adults and children
- Portable, comfortable and sturdy construction
- Easy to use, hand pump flush
- Easy to clean, removable lid and seat
- Self contained toilet, not external connections
- No mess, easy and clean to empty
- 12L fresh water, up to 50 flushes
- 12L waste storage tank
- Double sealed drain valve, prevents leaks and odours
-Includes carry bag