12L Pressure Water Pump

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Designed to provide constant pressure, the Ironman 4x4 12.5L pressure water pump transfers fresh water to be utilised across many uses including camping, watering the garden, cleaning the car or whilst travelling as a mobile shower.

The self-priming pressure water pump?s rubber brackets absorb vibration whilst working offering silence for use anytime.

With connections that simply fit any standard garden hose, the 12.5L pressure water pump offers ease of use and is readily available wherever you may be.

- Self-Priming
- Fine Mesh Water Filter
- 12.5Ltr Water Flow
- Rubber Anti-Vibration Feet
- Pressure Sensing
- 12VDC Operation
- Inlet water filter with multiple fitting options
- Dry Run Production
- Thermal Overload Protection
- Suitable for fresh water only