Blast 48W 7in Spot LED

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Bringing back the retro style in driving lights with these 5×7 Eclipse LED?s.

The perfect rectangle shape combined with a side shooter spread provides straight up distance with a pleasing amount of spread.

Designed and engineered to produce the closest imitation light to natural daylight (6000K), the 5×7 Eclipse provides a beam reach of over 1.3km with a combined wattage of 99W per light.

Supplied individually, please order two if you require a pair.

140 degree beam features 15 x 5W and 8 x 3W high lux output Osram LED?s.
75W driving light, 24W side shooter spread beam for a combined 99W high lux output delivers a beam distance of over 1.3km.
7540 raw lumens and 6000K white light imitates natural daylight.
Rated to IP67, Water and dust ingress protection.
Heavy duty diecast alloy housing with a shockproof polycarbonate lens and stainless steel mounting bracket.
?Operating voltage 10-30V DC.
Suggested loom part number IWHL002