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High strength forged alloy control arms to optimise wheel alignment and increase clearance with raised height suspension.

- Optimise Wheel Alignment at Raised Ride Height
- More Clearance for Larger Tyres and Increased Lift
- Relocated Ball Joint Position
- High Strength and Durability

Perfected design to be used between standard and 3? raised suspension* Wheel alignment settings have been calibrated to centre around a 50mm raised ride height allowing greater adjustability

*Further suspension modification required for lifts greater than 50mm

*Generic Images may be used for this product - actual product may differ.

Ultimate strength is achieved using a drop forged method of construction that hammers the arm into shape using a precise die. During this process the grain structure of the alloy is aligned with the new shape and any imperfections are removed. This results in a much stronger and more durable product than a cast, machined or fabricated arm. Low maintenance components which follow the OEM philosophy ensure durability is not compromised. Bushes and ball joint are replaceable with OEM compatible or Genuine components. All fixtures including provision for sensor wire are integrated within the arm. 6082 T6 alloy with silver anodised protection avoids corrosion even in the harshest evironments around the world.

Ironman 4x4 Pro Forge Upper Control Arms allow installation of larger tyres and further increased ride height by providing corrected wheel alignment and greater operating clearance around the arm as is often the limitation when using the OEM upper control arms. ADR compliant with a 3 Year 60,000km warranty.

Mitsubishi ML/MN Triton 4x4 2005 - 2015.