26 Piece Camp Kitchen Set

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Ironman 4×4’s Kitchen Kit is essential for every camping setup. This high-quality 26-piece set is suitable for up to four individuals and includes all the necessary utensils to cook up a storm.

Constructed from stainless steel, the cutlery and utensils are dishwasher safe and resistant to rust. The kitchen kit comes in a folding bag making it perfect for storing in tighter spaces. The integrated carabiner clips allow the bag to be easily hung around the campsite.

Kit Includes

  • 4x Forks
  • 4x Butter knives
  • 4x Steak knives
  • 4x Spoons
  • 1x Cutting board
  • 1x Bread knife
  • 1x Paring knife
  • 1x Carving knife
  • 1x General purpose knife
  • 1x Tongs
  • 1x Slotted turner/spatula
  • 1x Serving spoon
  • 1x Multifunction scissors
  • 1x Bottle opener and corkscrew
  • 1x Cutlery roll
  • High quality modern style cutlery
  • High quality silicone utensils
  • Inclusions of multifunction scissors
  • Removable cutlery roll, can be utilized as a cutlery storage solution.
  • Length: 43cm
  • Height: 22cm
  • Width: 8cm
  • Weight: 2.75kg