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We don?t ever truly appreciate power, until we don?t have it. Black-outs at home are an instance that highlight the priority we put on power. No lights, no fridge, no connectivity = no fun!

Ironman 4x4 Portable Battery Box is the simplest solution for campers who haven?t invested in a dual-battery set up, or those who want a genuinely portable and versatile solution, you can?t look past a well-equipped battery box. Simply place your battery in the Battery Box, and away you go!

What can I run off the Battery Box?

The Portable Battery Box with its available outlets is suitable to run a number of different powered devices; some of the most popular including:

- 12v portable and car fridges
- Phone and device chargers
- Camping lights
- Sound systems
- Portable 12-volt camp ovens
- The outlets are capable of up to 50 amps in 12v and can be bolstered with an appropriate invertor.

Battery Selection

The power available really comes down to the size of battery utilised in the battery box. The Ironman 4×4 Portable Battery Box is capable of holding up to an N70 size battery (305 l x 202 w x 225 h), which typically are available up to between 120 ? 140Ah (amp hours).

The Ironman 4×4 Portable Battery Box is capable of storing and distributing power from lead acid, AGM or lithium-ion batteries; customers will need to couple the chosen battery with a suitable charging solution to match.

Lead acid and AGM batteries in good health are capable of utilising up to 70% of their full capacity (i.e. 84 usable amp hours from a 120amp hour battery). A lithium battery on the other hand can utilise 100% of its full capacity (i.e. 120 useable amp hours from a 120 amp hour battery).


Charging Up

The Ironman 4×4 Portable Battery Box is complete with inputs for ?on-the-road? and campsite charging via either solar or a suitable DC/DC charger direct from your vehicle. Additionally, the battery box allows for the battery to be charged at home on a 12v charger (battery