Rhino 4x4



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-Tough heavy duty materials
-12000 lbs
-Dyneema rope
-wired and integrated wireless remote control
-Free battery isolator switch with key
-Power cables pre insulated to save you time and money during install
-Standard with remote control plug in extension cable enabling easy remote mounting of box.
-Internal braking system
-Robust gearing
-IP68 rated to ensure no dust and water ingress
-Multifold mounting options including vertical over tie rod, and over motor.
-Backed by our Huge 3 year warranty

You wont find a better winch at a better price!

This will fit tight fitting bull bars such as the Rhino 4x4 Evo Bar to suit Amarok.

Rated line pull: 12000 Lbs (5670kgs) single line.
Motor: Series wound 6.0 hp /4.4kw,12V DC
Gear Train: 3 stage planetary
Gear ratio: 265:1
Clutch: Sliding Ring gear
Braking action: Automatic in drum
Fairlead: Aluminum hawse fairlead for synthetic rope
Synthetic rope: Ø9.5mmX25m
Drum size: 2.5"×9.0"(63mm×224mm)
Dimensions: 545mm×160mm×195mm
Mounting bolt
pattern: 10"×4.5"(254mm×114.3mm)
Battery: 650 CCA minimum for winching 25 square mm,72"(1.83m)
N.W: 27kgs
Packing: 620mm×360mm×260mm